Hannah Alden Jeffrey

Hannah Alden Jeffrey is a stand up, improv and sketch comedian and producer based in Baltimore, MD. She started improv in 2017 because her parents literally signed her up for a class. Since then, Hannah has completed and passed the Groundlings Theater Improv Core Track and Writing Lab, as well as...
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Janty Shoga

I'm an improvisor based out of Baltimore. I perform regularly at the BIG Theater on weekend team, The Crybabies, and around the city and country with indie team, MELK. I frequently play in for Armando-style shows like BIG Time and Stanprov. I've coached and taught across all experience levels, fr...
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David Lustig

I've been doing improv for over 20 years, but only doing it well for like 10 years. I love organic, patient play and character driven scenes. Happy to coach any format, but I have the most experience with monoscene and a loosely structured montage.
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Robyn Stegman

Robyn started her acting career playing the titular role in her second grade production of the Magic Pasta Pot. She continues that commitment to silliness and object work as a member of several improv teams including Babeprov, Gigi, and Baybeeeee. Robyn is the founder of Late Night Scaries a hor...
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Rebecca McGivney

Hello, I'm Rebecca and I would love to coach you! I am currently on the Lloyd team Kingship and have been in the ASPs Hallowed Halls, Hell's Kitchen: A Nightmare Show, and Before/After. I've been studying at UCB since 2013 with tons of amazing teachers and coaches, including Advanced Study cou...
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Brian Shea

I have performed since 2015 and have coached and taught both in Baltimore and Lancaster, Pa. I am available to coach both long form and short form. I have experience with the Harold, Monoscene, Pretty Flower, Montage and Improvised Movie. I can focus on skills in both game-based forms and narrati...
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Barry Wright

Hello! I take a light-hearted but rigorous approach to coaching; I love working with groups who have a particular goal in mind and need reps and a roadmap to get there. I particularly like working with the Harold, openings, dramatic improv, and tweaking and adjusting custom show forms and struc...
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Jimmy Pope

Jimmy Pope is an actor (AEA | SAG-e), improviser, writer, director, and improv instructor from Baltimore, Maryland whose comedic content has been featured on Funny or Die, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Buzzfeed, and The Second City Network. His credits include: The Revolution Will Be Imp...
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